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Tracker MONITOR Stolen Car Tracker inc. Nationwide Installation



TRACKER's Very High Frequency (VHF) stolen vehicle recovery systems work like an electronic homing device. A covert transmitter is hidden discretely in one of several dozen places around your vehicle. There is no visible aerial or other identifying feature so the thief can't see it and won't know it's there. Unlike our competitors we have our own, purpose-built, radio network dedicated to getting your vehicle back -fast!

Unlike GPS or GSM only based systems, VHF can still recover your vehicle even if it is in an underground car park, a shipping container or transported in a covered trailer. As soon as the active unit is within range of a TRACKER equipped Police Vehicle it will be identified through a unique code known only to TRACKER and
 the Police.

What makes TRACKER unique is that all 52 Police Forces across the UK and every Police intercept vehicle, motorbike and helicopter is equipped with TRACKER detection equipment, so any of these vehicles can see where your stolen vehicle is anywhere in the UK, and intercept within minutes. No other tracking unit features this unique advantage.  

TRACKER MONITOR has all the functionality of TRACKER Retrieve with the added benefit of a motion sensor which will inform Tracker HQ if your vehicle has been moved without your permission, for a faster theft to retrieval process.

• Once the vehicle is located, TRACKER will arrange for a uniformed guard to stay with the vehicle until the recovery company arrive to pick it up and return it to you.

Subscription & Installation process

Subscription Charge £149 per year or £399 for DURATION OF OWNERSHIP.

For your information all subscriptions, whether annual or ‘duration of ownership’ will be payable direct to Tracker.

An installation request for your Tracker will be passed to our booking team, in which one our agents will contact you to arrange an appointment.

The Chameleon Group aim to have an engineer attending site within 5 working days (mainland UK only), we will dispatch the Tracker direct to the you via courier, after installation you will be required to complete and post the accompanying paperwork to Tracker as soon as possible. The information you supply to Tracker will include details of the vehicle, contact numbers and bank /card details to cover subscription costs

We will contact you during our office hours Monday to Friday 8.30 am – 5.30pm, if you have a preferred time slot please indicate below and we will do our utmost to accommodate you. Alternately, if you would prefer to contact the Chameleon booking team please call 01206 500836

  • Model: Tracker Monitor