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THB Bury UNI CarTalk System 8 Bluetooth Car Kit & Charging Lead


Multiple users? Multiple handsets? Universal compatibility plus charging!

The package contains a Bury UNI CarTalk Base Unit & a Bury universal Bluetooth cradle. The Bury Bluetooth cradle is fully adjustable to fit most mobile phones and once connected to the Bury CarTalk base unit supplied, works like a normal cradle kit. A phone specific charging lead which plugs directly into the Bluetooth cradle and connects to your mobile phones charging port is also supplied.

The Bury System 8 is a new breed of car kit that not only offer excellent build and audio quality but also offer interchangeable cradles.

Compatible with over 280 mobile phone handsets the bury system 8 cradles can be changed in seconds without the need of an engineer at a fraction of the cost of a complete new hands-free car kit.

Now very popular in the corporate sector Bury car kits are going from strength to strength and now offer Bluetooth and PDA cradle options and are ideal where more than one phone is used in the vehicle.

A release button is located on the side of the Bury docking station. When you wish to exchange the cradle simply press the button release the cradle and secure the new one. The Bury System 8 hands-free solution is the most upgradeable kit on the market offering all the benefits of cradle and Bluetooth kits plus the ability to swap and upgrade without the need for engineer visits or complete new hands-free kits, which leaves you free to upgrade your mobile phone as often as you want.

Bury UNI CarTalk System 8 Bluetooth & Charging Lead Specification

Connection of hang-up cup via Molex Micro-Fit plug
For more than 280 mobile phones from leading manufacturers
No tools needed to replace the connecting unit
Radio-mute function when calling
if the mobile phone supports this function, accessories