DAB Interference – Dash Cam Fitted

DAB interference can happen in the odd instance of ANY make of dashcam being fitted to a vehicle, over the years we have sold many different brands of camera and some are shocking for interference. Since we moved to Thinkware cameras about 3 years ago we have only come across a handful of issues. Personally i think half the trouble is our DAB signal in the UK is very patchy and most of the time we are only running on a 30% signal strength anyway then when something gets added to the vehicle it may knock 10% of that away which then doesn’t leave enough for a solid reception anymore. I’m sure if we were running on 60%+ signal nothing would affect it. It also seems a fairly easy signal to disrupt as we have come across car phone chargers that interfere too.

I can’t give an exact fix I’m afraid as it’s trial and error. Generally it’s related to the rear camera I would try unplugging that at the front of the car and see how it sounds then. If it is better you may find the front to rear cable of the camera has been fitted right next to the DAB antenna cable and re-routing the front to rear cable perhaps the opposite side of the vehicle may improve it. Sometimes people use Ferrite Clips (One front end of the cable and one rear) these can help but not always. Other times people have used an adhesive foil tape to wrap around the front to rear cable. Usually you can cure the problem…

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Thinkware F200 WiFi Connection

If you have purchased A Thinkware F200 Camera and are experiencing issues connecting it to the WiFi of your phone could you please check you are using the correct App. This camera uses the THINKWARE CLOUD App (Via WiFi connection, not Hotspot) and NOT the THINKWARE DASHCAM VIEWER. The Icon should look like:




Not like this one:




Hopefully that will fix your issue….

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Several valid reasons to buy / use a Dash Cam….

The ownership of Dash Cams has gone through the roof in recent years and many people ask why? What’s the point in one?! Well i aim to explain a few reasons that a Dash Cam can be very useful:

1 – You have the obvious reason, you’re in an Accident and you need an accurate description of what happened. I had a very close call driving our Demo Van (Mercedes Vito) at around 75mph back in April ended up skidding all over the A14 in various directions as i swerved to miss 2 HGV’s that collided and annoyingly we didn’t have a dash cam in our van i would love to have been able to playback the footage as shock took over at the time! (Luckily no one had any serious injuries)

2 – Related to the above you’re in an accident, the common one is someone runs in to the back of your vehicle when you are stationary but they say you reversed into them. Even with just a Front camera you’re able to prove you were stationary and didn’t reverse into them!

3 – Damage to your vehicle whilst parked, if you have a Dash Cam that has a Parking Mode then you stand much more chance of catching the person that has damaged your vehicle whilst parked up especially if you have a 2 channel Front & Rear system. It’s still not guaranteed to catch them as it does depend what angle they hit the vehicle but with 2 x 140 degree wide angle cameras it gives some hope! All Thinkware Cameras offer this feature when they are ‘Hard Wired’ to the vehicle and they have a Battery Voltage setting you adjust so when your battery gets to that level the camera will shut down so you don’t get a flat battery.

4 – I have heard of people using the footage from the Dash Cam to send to the Council to back up their story when they have hit a pothole and damaged their vehicle because of it.

5 – If you are going on a long journey that’s particularly scenic you can capture the scenery and then replay it to family members etc when you return. You may need to increase your memory card size (or take additional ones) for this as most cards overwrite themselves every couple of hours.

6 – You never know what’s around the next corner from animals running across the road to meteorites trailing through the sky.

7 – Also owning a Dash Cam can make YOU a better driver / person, I’ve had several people tell me at shows that they have a Dash Cam to calm them down otherwise they can be quite verbal & aggressive towards other motorists.

If you have any questions or other thoughts please get in touch by replying to this post or via our website www.thinkwaredashcam.uk

Safe Driving!!!

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Thinkware F800 Pro – Connection to Smartphone (Android & Apple)

We have had reports of customers struggling to connect the new F800 Pro to their phones via the App as it is quite different from previous Thinkware models. The help with this Thinkware have produced 2 Videos which can be found below:




Any issues please let us know!

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Thinkware Dashcam App (iOS / Apple) Crashing When Downloading Video

If you are having problems downloading Video on your iPhone via the Thinkware App because the App keeps closing then please try the below:

If your phone is running on a 12hr clock please try changing that to a 24hr clock and test again. Thinkware are aware and will release a fix ASAP. Apologies for the problem!

***An iOS APP Update is available on the App store as of today 12th May 2017, this should cure any issues with downloading videos***

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NEW – Thinkware iVolt External battery Pack for Dashcams! (Similar to Cellink B)

Thinkware iVolt External battery

 Some vehicles may bring up a ‘Battery Discharge’ warning on the Dashboard if a Dashcam is left running in Parking Mode for several hours as the vehicle detects excessive battery drain. Fitting a separate battery pack is a good solution. Battery packs are getting more common so I thought I would briefly explain them…

This battery pack only has a Permanent Power & Ignition Supply going into it for charging (needs to sustain approx 9.4 amps) The battery pack fully charges to 90% or more in around 1hr and can power a Single channel camera for approx. 35 hours and a 2ch camera for approx. 20 hours. When the ignition is off the permanent power to the camera is purely supplied from this battery so your vehicle battery is unaffected.

Price is £249 inc vat & delivery – Please contact us for quantity discounts – 01206 500874

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Thinkware Dash Cam Memory Card upgrade….

If you are the lucky owner of a Thinkware Dash Cam and are thinking of upgrading your Micro SD card to a larger size please purchase a Genuine Thinkware card (Max 64gb). I can’t give the exact reasons as it’s too technical for me but memory cards are a lot more complex than i thought!

If you use an unofficial memory card you may get ‘Memory card error, system restarting’ messages. You may find that a particular feature of the camera doesn’t work like Speed Camera Warnings or Lane Departure Warnings. It has also been reported that your phone may not be able to download the videos via the Thinkware App anymore as the App may crash & close.

Also keep in mind a lot of memory cards sold online are fakes, especially on auction sites. It’s worth remembering with any Dash Cam that the memory card is a vital part of the camera, it’s in heavy use being written to and then being overwritten time & time again so please spend some money on it! (You wouldn’t buy a £700 bike and put a £5 lock on it! You get my drift….)

We have Genuine Thinkware cards for sale here.

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Important THINKWARE Dashcam Hardwiring Info..(Wire colours etc)

A number of Dashcam manufacturers have changed the wiring colours for their hardwire cable. Originally the wiring was:

RED  – Permanent Power Supply
YELLOW – Ignition Switched Power Supply

However since the start of May 2016 they are now:

 YELLOW – Permanent Power Supply
 RED – Ignition Switched Power Supply

We are in a bit of a changeover time at present with a mixture of each however either way the black labels on the cables are labelled correctly so please check before connecting.

The common problem with incorrect wiring is the Parking Mode of the THINKWARE Camera will not work.

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Chameleon are excited to now sell Noovo Tvman – Freeview TV for your vehicle!

We are excited to sell this very impressive product. Freeview TV for vehicles has been around for a fair while now however you have to fit a unit in the vehicle and then separate screens fitted to headrests etc, they worked but cost a fortune and took a lot of time to install. HOWEVER, TVman has either Magnetic, Glass mount or Bumper mount antennas depending if you want to permanently install the unit or not. Then it picks up Freeview TV signal and then broadcasts that via WiFi to your phone / tablet becomes your screen. You can also insert a usb hard drive with Media files on and play those via the WiFi too!

Freeview can only be watched by 1 Phone/Tablet at a time, USB Media can be streamed to up to 8 Phones/Tablets at the same time (All watching different media!) I have had some time testing this and i am very impressed with the Freeview signal even at speed. You can at times lose the signal as you would expect but it was pretty much momentary as in the background the unit is scanning for stronger stations at preset intervals to ensure the best signal possible.


Please see this flyer for a little more info and call 01206 500880 for further details / pricing! – http://www.noovo.co/save/911.pdf/to/TVman%20Auto%20flyer.pdf

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Bury System 8 Universal Smart Phone Cradle – Low / Muffled Volume

If you have a Bury System 8 Universal Cradle and the audio from the car kit is very low & muffled it is worth checking the volume settings on the actual cradle. A lot of people don’t realise on the left hand side of the cradle there are Volume UP / DOWN buttons.DSC_0770 (Large)








You need to be connected to the cradle via bluetooth and actually making a call on the car kit (perhaps call your voicemail) and then repeatedly tap the button to increase / decrease the volume. Depending on your model of phone you may even get a bit extra volume by adjusting the volume of your phone too, again whilst on a phone call.

This is relevant for the Original / XL / XXL version which look similar to below:

Bury XXL

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