Bury CC-9060 with Low Audio Volume

If you have a CC-9060 kit fitted and the audio side in the car is low there is a very good chance that the 3.5mm jack plug on the Bury ISO loom has been plugged into the incorrect socket on the junction box. The plug should be plugged in right next to the microphone connector and NOT next to the 4 pin power plug.

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  1. Jonathan says:

    Thanks for the response. Would the Bury CC-9068 be a straight swap/install?

    • Providing the Bury CC9060 has been installed in the normal correct way then it should be pretty much a straight swap! Potentially you could re-use the existing microphone & screen holder so save a little wiring (Although i would recommend replacing the lot to avoid any future warranty issues)

  2. Vince says:

    LOL, I cursed this carkit whole day. Than I read this …..

    • Wael El Sayed says:

      i have a problem , can u solve it ? , i have a white screen with my bury cc9060 , but i’m already connected with bluetooth .

      • admin says:

        Hi is it the standard CC-9060 kit you have with the colour touchscreen? Or the Black & White version?

        Do you have the little ‘x’ in the corner as if you need to calibrate the screen. If so you may need to use the end of a pen so you touch the cross in the centre otherwise you can go around in circles. This can be a sign of a faulty screen though. I have come across a screen that when you tap the side takes you into into this mode.


        • Jonathan says:


          I have the low volume problem when playing music via blue tooth. Swapped the plug location as above which gave me the extra volume. However this meant I have no volume at all for phone calls or the voice from the control box.

          • This sounds like your 3.5mm connector was in the correct socket to start with. When it’s in the wrong socket the hands free volume is very very low. To get music playing back you have to take a 3.5mm low level output from the Bury kit and get it into an auxiliary input on the stereo (The kit doesn’t have any amplifier inside so it needs the stereo Amp to boost it up) how this i done varies by vehicle and can’t always be done at all. Might be time to think about an upgrade to the Bury CC-9068 as that’s the same kit basically but has a built in amplifier so plays music by default without any of this!

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