Bury CC-9068 (CC-9068 App) Constantly Rebooting/Restarting

Please note Bury have released an update to improve this issue (V129) so i would recommend updating the kit first and if you have further problems then refer to the below.

If you have a Bury CC-9068 or the App version and you are finding the kit is constantly rebooting every 60-90 seconds then you will almost certainly find the reason & cure below:

Bury CC-9068 (or App) [Can apply to older CC-9060 too]
Symptom: Rebooting every 60-90 seconds
Usual Cause: A stored contact is missing a phone number in one of the fields (might just be name with an email address for example)
Cure: Delete contact or Add a dummy number in anyone of the number fields on the phone.

Points to note: The contacts the phone is displaying may not be all of the contacts syncing to the phone. For example my Sony Xperia Z has a filter menu under contacts i had to tick all the google account boxes and Sim Contacts and it then showed me loads more numbers a lot of which were just an email address or sometimes just a name. Deleted all these and bingo its fine with the 9068.


Hope that helps!


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