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DAB AutoConnect Troubleshooter

If you seem to have lost communication with your AutoDAB Connect unit please try the below to reset it and stop it recurring: To reset the FM Transmitting frequency to default: Press & hold down the ‘BACK’ button on the … Continue reading

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How to adjust a Bury Universal (Uni) Bluetooth Smartphone Cradle

I get asked this question a lot from engineers & retail customers so i wrote this short guide, let me know if you think any part could be worded better but it makes sense to me!: Firstly check which corners … Continue reading

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Bury CC-9068 (CC-9068 App) Constantly Rebooting/Restarting

Please note Bury have released an update to improve this issue (V129) so i would recommend updating the kit first and if you have further problems then refer to the below. If you have a Bury CC-9068 or the App … Continue reading

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Parrot Mki Remote Control (Control Pad) Not Working….

If you find your remote control is not working any more or only working intermittently please try the following steps: 1, Ensure the battery is a CR2032 (As some others fit but do not work properly) 2, Ensure the battery is inserted … Continue reading

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Blackberry 9900 Bold will not work with Bury CC-9060 (CC9060)

Bury are aware of a problem with the Blackberry Bold 9900 & Blackberry 9810 Torch handsets where the kit keeps rebooting itself. This will be fixed in a new release of software which will be out shortly (V0248) for updating … Continue reading

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Android handset not transferring phone book to car kit…

If you are using an android type handset and find the phone book doesn’t transfer to your car kit please check the following: When the phone is first paired and connected to the car kit you may have got a … Continue reading

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Pairing / Re Pairing Parrot MKi Remote Control

If your Parrot MKi remote control has suddenly stopped working or you have bought a new remote you will need to re pair the remote to the car kit to do this please follow the steps below: Switch on the … Continue reading

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Parrot CK3100 Blank Screen (Display) and Bleeping

If you have a CK3100 and you are finding the display has gone blank (possibly still illuminating) and giving you ‘Bleeps’ when the ignition is switched on then there this is a sign of lost communication from the Blue junction … Continue reading

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Parrot CK3000 / CK3100 Software Updating Service

Should your Parrot CK3000 Evo or CK3100 require an update and you don’t consider it worth while buying a Update Cable (around £30) just to do the 1 kit then we can offer an updating service for £25 inc vat … Continue reading

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Parrot / Bury Kit Missing Numbers From Phonebook?

If you have a Parrot kit with a display or a Bury CC-9060 / CV-9040 and you find the kit lists some phone numbers in the phonebook but they don’t have a number attached to them the main reason is … Continue reading

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