DAB AutoConnect Troubleshooter

If you seem to have lost communication with your AutoDAB Connect unit please try the below to reset it and stop it recurring:

To reset the FM Transmitting frequency to default:

Press & hold down the ‘BACK’ button on the remote for more than 5 seconds twice in a row.

Tune the vehicle stereo into FM 87.6 mhz

This should then get the DAB unit communicating with the stereo again.


Then Enable AutoScan:

Press the Scroll wheel and then the MENU button

Scroll until you see LINKMODE and press the Scroll Wheel

Scroll to AUTOSCAN and press the Scroll Wheel.

After if you drive through an area where the DAB unit detects interference on its broadcasting frequency you may notice a new frequency e.g. 101.4 displayed on the stereo. If you are having interference problems press the scroll wheel and the unit will switch to this new frequency however you must tune your vehicle stereo to that frequency.

Please comment if you have any further tips…..

Full AutoDAB instruction manual is available HERE


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