DAB Interference – Dash Cam Fitted

DAB interference can happen in the odd instance of ANY make of dashcam being fitted to a vehicle, over the years we have sold many different brands of camera and some are shocking for interference. Since we moved to Thinkware cameras about 3 years ago we have only come across a handful of issues. Personally i think half the trouble is our DAB signal in the UK is very patchy and most of the time we are only running on a 30% signal strength anyway then when something gets added to the vehicle it may knock 10% of that away which then doesn’t leave enough for a solid reception anymore. I’m sure if we were running on 60%+ signal nothing would affect it. It also seems a fairly easy signal to disrupt as we have come across car phone chargers that interfere too.

I can’t give an exact fix I’m afraid as it’s trial and error. Generally it’s related to the rear camera I would try unplugging that at the front of the car and see how it sounds then. If it is better you may find the front to rear cable of the camera has been fitted right next to the DAB antenna cable and re-routing the front to rear cable perhaps the opposite side of the vehicle may improve it. Sometimes people use Ferrite Clips (One front end of the cable and one rear) these can help but not always. Other times people have used an adhesive foil tape to wrap around the front to rear cable. Usually you can cure the problem…

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