GPS Vehicle Tracking / Asset Tracking

If you are looking to track your work vehicles in order to maximise productivity then Chameleon Asset Track could be the system for you. Deisgned to be very simple to operate yet giving you the information you need! Summary of features are listed below:

Log in from any internet connected PC as no software required

1 min – 5 min updates you decide

Vehicle Polling (Request location at any time)

Geofencing (Get an email when vehicle enters / leaves a specified area)

Landmarking – Label an area with a specific name to make reports easy

Works in most countries (extra roaming fee required)

Nationwide Installation Service – We come when convenient to you!

Lifetime Warranty (As long as monthly subscription is being paid)

The units can be bought outright leaving you with a low monthly rental and NO CONTRACT! Units can be tax deductable. Demonstrations available via the phone.

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