How to adjust a Bury Universal (Uni) Bluetooth Smartphone Cradle

I get asked this question a lot from engineers & retail customers so i wrote this short guide, let me know if you think any part could be worded better but it makes sense to me!:

Firstly check which corners set is required on this list. If your phone isnt listed i often find the standard corners that come on the cradle are fine (Corners ‘F’ I believe).

Next ensure that the top of the cradle is in the locked down position as per below:

Closed Cradle








Then use the end of the Micro USB lead to press in and lock in the 3 locking tabs (Top, bottom & right hand side)

From this……………………

Cradle Lock Pin





To this recessed position….






Insert the phone and adjust the height & width of the corners to fit the phone, once fitted press all 3 locking tabs again to lock it in that position. You will find a selection of different corners are supplied with the cradle, in my experience it’s quite rare to need them usually the default ones fit most models. The corners can be extended¬†with a thumb screw if you need a little extra depth to allow for a phone case etc.

Thumb Screws:






Press the large release button to remove the phone.

Release Button:

DSC_0165 (Large)

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