Important THINKWARE Dashcam Hardwiring Info..(Wire colours etc)

A number of Dashcam manufacturers have changed the wiring colours for their hardwire cable. Originally the wiring was:

RED  – Permanent Power Supply
YELLOW – Ignition Switched Power Supply

However since the start of May 2016 they are now:

 YELLOW – Permanent Power Supply
 RED – Ignition Switched Power Supply

We are in a bit of a changeover time at present with a mixture of each however either way the black labels on the cables are labelled correctly so please check before connecting.

The common problem with incorrect wiring is the Parking Mode of the THINKWARE Camera will not work.

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5 Responses to Important THINKWARE Dashcam Hardwiring Info..(Wire colours etc)

  1. colin says:

    Hi there I hope you can help.
    I just purchased a F100 front and rear dash cam for the wife’s new car and it was fitted by our local Peugeot dealership.
    The cam is hard wired , continuous recording works well , the card / camera has been updated on firmware no problems so far.
    I have enabled park-mode and motion sensors via dashcam viewer but alas no recordings have been made .
    The power supply plug is getting just under 14v with the ignition off so its getting power. Is it possible they have wired it up wrong or am I missing something.

    could you let me know which pins on the plug should have voltage when ignition is on and off so I can get the dealership to rectify the problem

    many thanks Colin

  2. Kul says:

    Hi folks,
    ok that explains alot, thanks.
    However, on the red cable is a fuse and label says ‘Const Cable…’ is this a mistake also?

    • That would lead you top believe that the red is constant live? Is that definitely a Thinkware Hardwire loom as i’ve only ever seen them say ‘Battery’ (Permanent) and ‘ACC’ (Ignition).

      Worst case you can power one way around and see if Parking Mode works, if it does it’s wired correctly, if it doesn’t you’re not! (As long as it’s enabled in the settings)

  3. Damo says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I have just received my new F800 PRO and I am am just looking to install it into the car.

    Can You please confirm that the new hard wiring scheme is:-

    YELLOW – (BATTERY written on wire) – is Permanent Power Supply
    RED – (ACC written on wire) – is Ignition Switched Power Supply

    It may help to update the website with the wire labels ( BAT & ACC ) for the not so tech savvy people lol.

    Many thanks

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