NEW – Thinkware iVolt External battery Pack for Dashcams! (Similar to Cellink B)

Thinkware iVolt External battery

 Some vehicles may bring up a ‘Battery Discharge’ warning on the Dashboard if a Dashcam is left running in Parking Mode for several hours as the vehicle detects excessive battery drain. Fitting a separate battery pack is a good solution. Battery packs are getting more common so I thought I would briefly explain them…

This battery pack only has a Permanent Power & Ignition Supply going into it for charging (needs to sustain approx 9.4 amps) The battery pack fully charges to 90% or more in around 1hr and can power a Single channel camera for approx. 35 hours and a 2ch camera for approx. 20 hours. When the ignition is off the permanent power to the camera is purely supplied from this battery so your vehicle battery is unaffected.

Price is £249 inc vat & delivery – Please contact us for quantity discounts – 01206 500874

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6 Responses to NEW – Thinkware iVolt External battery Pack for Dashcams! (Similar to Cellink B)

  1. Adrian says:

    Might be a silly question to ask but will this fit into BMW cars in particular the X1 and are the leads long enough to reach the battery.? Can this also be located near or close to the battery compartment so that it is install and forget.

    • BMW is the main vehicle we use these for. I don’t think the cables are long enough to mount the unit to the front of the vehicle and run them to the battery however there is only 1 wire that need to go to a good power supply so that 1 could be extended. Fitting it towards the rear of the vehicle would be the preferred location for it but then you may need to extend the hardwire cable wires instead. I think something will need extending no matter which way you do it but i don’t consider that a huge issue! This battery is being replaced with a smaller version (approx half capacity) as getting a courier to ‘Fly’ the larger ones is very difficult as on a Plane they are classed as dangerous goods and costs a fortune! The smaller ones i believe avoid the dangerous goods so should be easier & cheaper to transport.

  2. Vinit Relan says:

    Is it available in Australia

    • We’re a UK Distributor for Thinkware so i’m not 100% certain but i believe it will be available there. There is a bit of an issue with shipping this item as for aircraft delivery this is classed as a dangerous product so not many airlines will courier them.

  3. Jens Henriksen says:

    Do you ship this ivolt external battery to Denmark?
    Br.Jens Henriksen

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