Poor DAB / FM Radio Reception (Dash cam / Accessory related)

Poor DAB / FM Radio Reception can be caused by items in the vehicle. For example some phone chargers give out a lot of interference that then can impact your radio signal. On occasions a Dash cam can cause interference. If the vehicle has poor Radio reception it’s worth unplugging anything you can see plugged into cigarette lighter sockets first to eliminate that aspect.

If the vehicle has a dash cam, unplug the power source to that (ideally at the fuse box / cigarette lighter end) to see if the reception improves, if it does plug the camera back in, bit by bit like reconnect the power lead (whilst physically unplugged from the dash cam) first and see if the interference is still gone, then plug in the dash cam until the interference is back so you know what part is causing it. If the Dash cam has a rear camera too it’s worth unplugging that from the front camera to see if it’s the rear half causing the issue. Then again plug the cable back in but disconnected from the rear camera end until the interference starts again.


Once you have identified which part the interference seems to be coming from you can try a few things. For example re-routing the power cable to the dash cam the opposite side of the vehicle may help, same for the cable to the rear camera if it runs down the drivers side, try it down the passenger side as on occasion it’s the proximity of the dash cam cable to the Antenna cable of the car. Otherwise you can try Ferrite Clips, if you try this try and loop the cable through twice like below:

Others have had success wrapping the offending cable with a Aluminium Adhesive Tape like this Screwfix and then attaching an earth to the tape. Usually the interference can be improved with these methods the annoying part is everything is trial & error!

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Thinkware Dash Cameras (Updated)

Chameleon are proud to add Thinkware dashboard cameras to our range of products available. A very sleak & reliable range of cameras which i have tested personally and loved them! All models can be either plugged into the Cigar lighter of the vehicle or Hardwired with the optional cable, when hardwired you can get the full benefit of Parking mode protection on all models. Battery voltage protection is also built in, no ‘Power magic’ required unlike most other cameras! The range we stock is as follows:

F800 – COMING SOON! – 1 or 2 Channel



F770 – 1 or 2 Channel









X550 – 1 or 2 Channel









X330 – 1 Channel Only







F100 – 1 or 2 Channel











F50 – 1 Channel Only







For More Information Please Call 01206 500872

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DAB AutoConnect Troubleshooter

If you seem to have lost communication with your AutoDAB Connect unit please try the below to reset it and stop it recurring:

To reset the FM Transmitting frequency to default:

Press & hold down the ‘BACK’ button on the remote for more than 5 seconds twice in a row.

Tune the vehicle stereo into FM 87.6 mhz

This should then get the DAB unit communicating with the stereo again.


Then Enable AutoScan:

Press the Scroll wheel and then the MENU button

Scroll until you see LINKMODE and press the Scroll Wheel

Scroll to AUTOSCAN and press the Scroll Wheel.

After if you drive through an area where the DAB unit detects interference on its broadcasting frequency you may notice a new frequency e.g. 101.4 displayed on the stereo. If you are having interference problems press the scroll wheel and the unit will switch to this new frequency however you must tune your vehicle stereo to that frequency.

Please comment if you have any further tips…..

Full AutoDAB instruction manual is available HERE


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How to adjust a Bury Universal (Uni) Bluetooth Smartphone Cradle

I get asked this question a lot from engineers & retail customers so i wrote this short guide, let me know if you think any part could be worded better but it makes sense to me!:

Firstly check which corners set is required on this list. If your phone isnt listed i often find the standard corners that come on the cradle are fine (Corners ‘F’ I believe).

Next ensure that the top of the cradle is in the locked down position as per below:

Closed Cradle








Then use the end of the Micro USB lead to press in and lock in the 3 locking tabs (Top, bottom & right hand side)

From this……………………

Cradle Lock Pin





To this recessed position….






Insert the phone and adjust the height & width of the corners to fit the phone, once fitted press all 3 locking tabs again to lock it in that position. You will find a selection of different corners are supplied with the cradle, in my experience it’s quite rare to need them usually the default ones fit most models. The corners can be extended with a thumb screw if you need a little extra depth to allow for a phone case etc.

Thumb Screws:






Press the large release button to remove the phone.

Release Button:

DSC_0165 (Large)

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**New Truckfone Fixed Cab Phone in stock**

We now have the Truckfone in stock, a nice 2.8″ Colour Screen and a nice feel to it. Supports Fixed Dialling and will work on the ‘3’ Network too! For full specifications please visit:

Truck Phones

Truckfone Spec

For questions and prices please call 01206 500872


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Bury CC-9068 (CC-9068 App) Constantly Rebooting/Restarting

Please note Bury have released an update to improve this issue (V129) so i would recommend updating the kit first and if you have further problems then refer to the below.

If you have a Bury CC-9068 or the App version and you are finding the kit is constantly rebooting every 60-90 seconds then you will almost certainly find the reason & cure below:

Bury CC-9068 (or App) [Can apply to older CC-9060 too]
Symptom: Rebooting every 60-90 seconds
Usual Cause: A stored contact is missing a phone number in one of the fields (might just be name with an email address for example)
Cure: Delete contact or Add a dummy number in anyone of the number fields on the phone.

Points to note: The contacts the phone is displaying may not be all of the contacts syncing to the phone. For example my Sony Xperia Z has a filter menu under contacts i had to tick all the google account boxes and Sim Contacts and it then showed me loads more numbers a lot of which were just an email address or sometimes just a name. Deleted all these and bingo its fine with the 9068.


Hope that helps!


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Parrot Mki Remote Control (Control Pad) Not Working….

If you find your remote control is not working any more or only working intermittently please try the following steps:

1, Ensure the battery is a CR2032 (As some others fit but do not work properly)

2, Ensure the battery is inserted the correct way around, i still get calls and find they are upside down! Correct way is below:







3, Try a new battery, make sure this is a good branded one like Duracell, Energiser etc as i have come across many cheap new batteries that do not work reliably!

3, Try re-pairing the remote to your kit by following these instructions

4, It has been reported by some customers & engineers that they find that if you Switch on your Ignition of the vehicle and straight away Press & Hold Down the Green & Red button, when the kit has powered up completely then Tap the PLAY button repeatedly (Still holding down Green & Red buttons) until the ‘Remote Pairing’ Message appears on the display.

In my experience I would estimate 90% of remote problems are battery related….

If after trying the above the remote still doesn’t work at all you may have a faulty remote.  If you still find the remote only intermittently works then it may be worth moving the position of the remote (especially if you have it to the right of your steering wheel) try it nearer to your Stereo area as usually the junction box that the remote connects to is behind this area.

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Bury CC-9068 App has arrived!

Bury have released their latest addition to their extensive car kit range called the Bury CC-9068 App. This is quite similar to the standard CC-9060 car kit which has been a hit for a few years however now your Smartphone becomes the touch screen  for the car kit! Along with your phone now being the display the kit has a built in 30w amplifier to allow you to play music from your Smartphone via Bluetooth. It is  supplied with a universal cradle (with antenna) to hold & charge your phone also. A couple of screen shots from my Galaxy S2 below:

CC-9068 App Home Screen

CC-9068 App Menu Screen








CC-9068 App Music Screen

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Battery Powered LED Beacon – Magnetic Mount with Remote Control [LEDRemoteBeacon] – £59.99 Inc. VAT : Chameleon Beacons & Lightbars | Flashing Beacons | Amber Beacons | Recovery Beacons | LED Lightbars | Hazard Beacons | Orange Beacons | Rotating Beacons | LED Lights

Battery Powered LED Beacon – Magnetic Mount with Remote Control [LEDRemoteBeacon] – £59.99 Inc. VAT : Chameleon Beacons & Lightbars | Flashing Beacons | Amber Beacons | Recovery Beacons | LED Lightbars | Hazard Beacons | Orange Beacons | Rotating Beacons | LED Lights.

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Battery Powered LED Beacon – Magnetic Mount [LEDBeacon]

We now have these battery powered Amber beacons in stock. They run on either 3 or 6 AA batteries (6 will just double the usage time) and come as either a push button or remote control option. I couldn’t resist and bought one for my little boy to put on his push around car and he loves it!!

Battery Powered LED Beacon – Button Operated

Battery Powered LED Beacon – Remote Operated

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