Battery Powered LED Beacon – Magnetic Mount [LEDBeacon]

We now have these battery powered Amber beacons in stock. They run on either 3 or 6 AA batteries (6 will just double the usage time) and come as either a push button or remote control option. I couldn’t resist and bought one for my little boy to put on his push around car and he loves it!!

Battery Powered LED Beacon – Button Operated

Battery Powered LED Beacon – Remote Operated

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New Product – ProCatt – Catalytic Converter Alarm

Chameleon are pleased to welcome the ProCatt Catalytic Converter alarm system to our portfolio of products. The alarm detects frequencies through the exhaust pipe via 2 sensors and will trigger the horn & indicators of the vehicle should the Cat be tampered with. As we all know Catalytic Converters have become a high theft item due to the precious metals they contain and they can fetch £50-200 each for scrap value.

We will supply & fit this product for fleets of 5+ vehicles please contact us for a quote on 01206 500808

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Parrot MKi range Multipoint software (V2.02) now available!

Parrot have released V2.02 software for the MKi range of kits with several improvements but most significantly you can now pair 2 phones to the kit at the same time (multipoint).  The kit is very easy to update via a USB Memory Stick and the Parrot Software Update Tool which can be downloaded from

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Blackberry 9900 Bold will not work with Bury CC-9060 (CC9060)

Bury are aware of a problem with the Blackberry Bold 9900 & Blackberry 9810 Torch handsets where the kit keeps rebooting itself. This will be fixed in a new release of software which will be out shortly (V0248) for updating instructions please visit:

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Android handset not transferring phone book to car kit…

If you are using an android type handset and find the phone book doesn’t transfer to your car kit please check the following:
When the phone is first paired and connected to the car kit you may have got a ‘Notification’ at the top of the screen of your phone. Usually you can ‘drag’ down the notification area and it may say that the car kit is requesting access to the phone book which you need to ‘OK’. Once this is done it should be fine from then on. I have had several calls about this and it nearly caught me out on my own one!

If you can’t find the notification please try deleting the pairing and re pairing again.

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Pairing / Re Pairing Parrot MKi Remote Control

If your Parrot MKi remote control has suddenly stopped working or you have bought a new remote you will need to re pair the remote to the car kit to do this please follow the steps below:

Switch on the ignition of the vehicle (Please note this procedure should be done within 30 seconds of powering on the kit), wait for the graphic equaliser picture and the word ‘Parrot’ to disappear as soon as the car kit shows it’s standard standby display (See Below)

Then press & hold The Red, Green & Play buttons on the remote control:

You should see a message similar to ‘Remote Pairing’ on the display once this has gone it should work fine!

Should the above not work please check the steps listed here

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Parrot CK3100 Blank Screen (Display) and Bleeping

If you have a CK3100 and you are finding the display has gone blank (possibly still illuminating) and giving you ‘Bleeps’ when the ignition is switched on then there this is a sign of lost communication from the Blue junction box of the Parrot and the display, quite often this is caused by the display cable having a little ‘tug’ and slightly pulling apart a connector in the rear of the display. With a small flat screwdriver you can usually (Carefully) push the connector back together please see the picture below:

Ensure the White Connector is fully home.

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Reviews / Comments for Chameleon Codewing Ltd:

If you have any feedback (positive or negative) regarding the service you have had from Chameleon Codewing Ltd please feel free to post below. This can help us improve our service and understand what our customers are looking for!

Thank you for your time :-)

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GPS Vehicle Tracking / Asset Tracking

If you are looking to track your work vehicles in order to maximise productivity then Chameleon Asset Track could be the system for you. Deisgned to be very simple to operate yet giving you the information you need! Summary of features are listed below:

Log in from any internet connected PC as no software required

1 min – 5 min updates you decide

Vehicle Polling (Request location at any time)

Geofencing (Get an email when vehicle enters / leaves a specified area)

Landmarking – Label an area with a specific name to make reports easy

Works in most countries (extra roaming fee required)

Nationwide Installation Service – We come when convenient to you!

Lifetime Warranty (As long as monthly subscription is being paid)

The units can be bought outright leaving you with a low monthly rental and NO CONTRACT! Units can be tax deductable. Demonstrations available via the phone.

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Parrot CK3000 / CK3100 Software Updating Service

Should your Parrot CK3000 Evo or CK3100 require an update and you don’t consider it worth while buying a Update Cable (around £30) just to do the 1 kit then we can offer an updating service for £25 inc vat and return DPD courier. You will need to remove the ‘Blue Junction Box’ and send this to us first, once received we will do our upmost to get this updated within 2 working days and returned the following working day. There is a small form to fill out downloadable from HERE my number is 01206 500850 if you wish to discuss the problem first.

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