Pairing / Re Pairing Parrot MKi Remote Control

If your Parrot MKi remote control has suddenly stopped working or you have bought a new remote you will need to re pair the remote to the car kit to do this please follow the steps below:

Switch on the ignition of the vehicle (Please note this procedure should be done within 30 seconds of powering on the kit), wait for the graphic equaliser picture and the word ‘Parrot’ to disappear as soon as the car kit shows it’s standard standby display (See Below)

Then press & hold The Red, Green & Play buttons on the remote control:

You should see a message similar to ‘Remote Pairing’ on the display once this has gone it should work fine!

Should the above not work please check the steps listed here

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2 Responses to Pairing / Re Pairing Parrot MKi Remote Control

  1. Paul Randall says:

    thank goodness for Google – Mine is working again – thanks for everyone’s contribution

  2. Steve says:

    Thanks that was just what i needed! Now working again.

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