Parrot CK3100 Memory Full Problem

If you have a CK3100 and when you pair up a new phone it states ‘Memory Full’ even after deleting the ‘Paired Devices’ this is usually caused by the Ignition 12v & Permanent 12v supplies being the incorrect way around. An easy test for this is to turn off the ignition on the car and the kit should flash up ‘Goodbye’ on the screen if it doesn’t they are wrong.

Usually you can disconnect the power plug to the junction box of the kit for at least 5 minutes, correct the ignition & permanent supplies and power the kit back up and all being well it will be fine. In the unlikely event the problem still remains you will need to software upgrade the kit.

When the supplies are incorrect the kit doesn’t shut down correctly you find a small amount of memory isn’t cleared from the kit (Say 0.13kb etc) after a period of time the kits memory gets full.

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  1. Bedrije says:

    I parrot CK3100LCD says memory full, wat that means haw to fix

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