Parrot Mki Remote Control (Control Pad) Not Working….

If you find your remote control is not working any more or only working intermittently please try the following steps:

1, Ensure the battery is a CR2032 (As some others fit but do not work properly)

2, Ensure the battery is inserted the correct way around, i still get calls and find they are upside down! Correct way is below:







3, Try a new battery, make sure this is a good branded one like Duracell, Energiser etc as i have come across many cheap new batteries that do not work reliably!

3, Try re-pairing the remote to your kit by following these instructions

4, It has been reported by some customers & engineers that they find that if you Switch on your Ignition of the vehicle and straight away Press & Hold Down the Green & Red button, when the kit has powered up completely then Tap the PLAY button repeatedly (Still holding down Green & Red buttons) until the ‘Remote Pairing’ Message appears on the display.

In my experience I would estimate 90% of remote problems are battery related….

If after trying the above the remote still doesn’t work at all you may have a faulty remote.  If you still find the remote only intermittently works then it may be worth moving the position of the remote (especially if you have it to the right of your steering wheel) try it nearer to your Stereo area as usually the junction box that the remote connects to is behind this area.

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2 Responses to Parrot Mki Remote Control (Control Pad) Not Working….

  1. Michael Hall says:

    I have fitted a parrot mki9200 to my car,but cannot get the mic to work
    Any ideas???

    • I’m not aware of any fitting errors that would cause this as it’s just the 2.5mm jack plug to plug into the Blue junction box. We have had the odd instance of people trapping and cutting through the cable of the Mic when they refit trims back to the vehicle? Otherwise you may just have a faulty Microphone.

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