Thinkware F800 Pro – Connection to Smartphone (Android & Apple)

We have had reports of customers struggling to connect the new F800 Pro to their phones via the App as it is quite different from previous Thinkware models. The help with this Thinkware have produced 2 Videos which can be found below:




Any issues please let us know!

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10 Responses to Thinkware F800 Pro – Connection to Smartphone (Android & Apple)

  1. Gareth says:

    Hi I’ve bought a bmw with z bury 8 system but I can’t fit my Samsung s8 into the base and can’t connect to blue tooth do I just need a cradle so I can use my phone.Is bluetooth installed in cradle unit or the base unit .Thanks Gareth

  2. Leeroy says:

    Hi, i would like to ask something,
    Great to see, there are still experts in this field.

    I have a Thinkware F800 Pro

    Whilst i am driving i hear” Continuous recording started, GPS Connected
    I wont stop doing this for several weeks, i just unplugged the dashcam yesterday.

    How could i have stopped this, the red record light was allways displayed, so i guess the dashcam functions where locked.
    I could not stop these voice messages, Have a laugh and than please tell me

    Best regards Leeroy ( Netherlands)

  3. Keith Palmer says:

    Had a F800 Pro fitted 26/1/18. Seems to work ok with WiFi but, cannot connect with hotspot.
    Phone looses WiFi signal from camera before hot spot connects. Keep getting message
    re connect to WiFi and start again. After umpteen goes have rung installers ( AVR ) who are going to message Thinkware and get back to me.
    Hind site ( I know the best gift in the world ) I should have checked it was all as should be before the installer left.

    • AVR purchase in bulk from us and i think John may have emailed me about this today. I asked a couple of questions and also recommended a factory reset of the settings which i reckon John will email you about soon. If we keep communications between AVR & us it will be easier as i don’t check this as often and the email alerts for the blog are very intermittent!

  4. Daniel Williams says:

    I have a F800 pro and it will not connect to my Samsung s8+
    It’s been sent back to the retailer and they went over it and said they have found no problem but it will still not connect to my phone.
    I get several different error messages.
    I watched the video and it doesn’t work that fast or simply at all.
    The installer was utterly useless and kept saying it will connect to my phone. I said it’s not your phone it needs to connect to.
    He could not get it to connect after 20min plus on his phone he was not using the correct app for the F800 pro.
    I feel I’v been getting messed around by Thinkwear and AVR mobile who supplied the Dashcam.
    It’s absolutely disgusting that you spend over £400 for 2 cameras, hardwired kit and installation and get nothing.
    They said they could offer me a refund but I want a replacement camera to try because I picked this Dashcam after all my research in what one to buy.

    The cam has had a full reset and software update.

    • The problem is engineers fit many types of dash cams and best will in the world they can’t possibly understand the details of every model but they can fit them as the installation is pretty much the same for all of them. As for your issue, i think AVR have contacted me directly regarding this as it is a strange one that i haven’t come across before. Reset the camera (power the camera on and wait for it to start recording and then press & hold the centre button (aka manual record) and the microphone button together until you hear a series of bleeps and a restarting message) Open the App (Thinkware Cloud) on the phone and you should be able to follow the connection instructions from the start. I strongly recommend the hotspot method rather than WiFi. Absolute worst case scenario perhaps you could try connecting a friends phone via hotspot method and then you can manually enter your phones hotspot details to the camera so when you then turn on your hotspot it should connect without doing anything else. I did this for an elderly gentleman who wasn’t very good with smart phones!

      Unless you live close(ish) to Colchester Essex where you could pop in?

  5. Kent says:

    I bought the Thinkware F800 Pro about a month ago. After installing, I’m having trouble connecting the device with my iPhone.

    I have followed the instructions shown in the video, downloaded the apps. I noticed that the device doesn’t show the green light, which is Wi-Fi signal. I pressed the Wi-Fi icon on the device, but nothing happened, as described in the video, I should hear a message. But in my case, nothing happened.

    Please advice, how should I connect to the device with my iPhone.

    • Hi there,

      What should happen is when the camera has been powered on & has started recording (verbal messages, Continuous recording started, GPS Connected etc) then press the WiFi button and as you say the light should flash Green along with a verbal message of ‘Please connect your phone………’. If this isn’t happening then it does sound like there is a fault with that camera. I would just try a factory reset, again power up the camera fully as above and then press and hold the Manual Record & Microphone button together for a few seconds. You will hear about 4 rapid bleeps and a message that it’s going to restart. Try again after that if you still can’t find the Thinkware WiFi network i would contact the supplier about testing / replacing it if required.

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