Updating Bury CV-9040 (CV9040) Software

If your Bury CV-9040 is behaving strangely or you have purchased a new phone and now certain features do not work you may need to update the software of the kit. This has to be done via a bluetooth enabled PC, the first step is to download and install the ‘Bury Update Manager‘. Once installed you will see a ‘Download’ button, select this and then the model of kit and the program will download the latest available version of software for you.

Please note if you wish to store the software for future ‘off line’ use you will need to manually download the file from Bury.com)

Then put the car kit into Update Mode (Settings – Device – System – Software Update – Yes) The kit will only stay in update mode for around 5 minutes if no bluetooth connection is made.

Then you will need to do a bluetooth search with your laptop and you should find the CV-9040 either as a ‘Modem’ or as a ‘Serial Port’ service running. Once found connect up and enter 1234 as the passcode at this point you need to find out what ‘Outgoing Com Port’ the bluetooth software has connected to the car kit on, this varies depending on the software some makes it easy others like keeping it a secret but youNEED to know!

Once you know the com port, go to the Bury Update Manager and choose the correct com port and press Next (the program is now unzipping the repository) the Next button will need pressing again in a few seconds. The software will then send across and once completed the unit will reboot and away you go.

Every call i get with problems is either the kit is not in update mode before the search is done or the incorrect com port has been selected!!

If you do not have access to a bluetooth enabled PC then we can carry out this update for you at the cost of £20 inc vat (Including return Courier). If you wish to do this please fill out this form and send it in!

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