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Roadhawk Blackbox DVR Vehicle Camera Systems

In the event of a non-fault accident, RoadHawk cameras can provide the evidence required to exonerate a driver. Unlike other in-car black box camera systems, the RoadHawk units such as the DC-1 continually record video and GPS data on a loop on to a solid state SD memory card. A single memory card can hold several days of information that can be used in evidence should a court case occur. Protect yourself against increasing crash for cash fraudulent claims.
1: Continue to drive on the roads in the knowledge that you are armed with TEDR at your window.
2: NO SUBSCRIPTION FEES! Pay once for a stand alone unit car black box recorder. Protect your no claims discounts.
3: Drastically reduce overall running costs for your fleet and ensure your drivers are behaving as they should be, reducing litigation costs.
4: Works anywhere in the world using accurate GPS.

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There are many reasons for you wanting to install a road safety (TEDR) camera system to your vehicle. Whether you are a member of the law abiding public or a fleet manager looking to cut running costs.

  • Provides strong evidence in the event of a non-fault road traffic accident.
  • Reduces the time taken to settle a claim.
  • Has been proven to modify driver behavior.
  • Reduce fleet costs and ensure your drivers are abiding company rules.
  • Can be fitted in minutes by any user.
  • Can be removed in seconds.
  • One single unit can be used in many vehicles.
  • Always-on system that does not require any alterations after fitting.
  • A single SD memory card can hold days of video and Data.
  • GPS Data clearly shows car speed before, during and after any event.
  • GPS Mapping overlay using Google Earth shows exactly where the vehicle has been and how long it took to get there.
  • Software allows for optional warning beep alerting you to harsh maneuvers.
  • Units can be powered from a car accessory socket or hard-wired in place.
  • Can be used in time based case studies for public transport.




some roadhawk customers



- Each time a fleet driver is involved in an accident, their employer has to sell more than £22,000 of products or services to cover the costs.

- FSG’s recent research of two clients reveals that, assuming a net profit margin of 5% and that the ‘true’ cost of crashes - lost orders and output, salaries, administration costs, legal fees and general business interruption - is three times the claims cost, each accident has a cost per claim of £1,116. 

-      Client had 156 crashes over a three-year period. Geoffrey Bray, FSG chairman, says: “That meant that the company had to sell goods to the value of £3.5 million simply to cover the cost of the crashes. Such a large figure is alarming and should act as a wake-up call to all businesses.”

 - Many companies exceed 30%, which means a third of their drivers are involved in an accident every year.

 - Caroline Scurr, the campaign director of "Driving for Better Business" says: “Reducing the number of crashes involving at work drivers is proven to save thousands and, in the case of large fleets, millions of pounds. In addition, cutting the carnage improves business efficiency and the image of an organisation.”

 - As companies start building for growth and begin increasing their mileage, the likelyhood of accidents occuring rises. By implementing policies that tackle accidents, they can substantially reduce costs, increase productivity and contribute to safer roads. This means the revenue made from its products or services goes to the bottom line instead of being funnelled off to pay for accident damage.





 Adrian Flux Insurance Adrian Flux insurance specialise in young drivers, classic cars, exotic vehicles and kit cars. They offer competitive rates and they will now provide up to 15% discount if you have a RoadHawk camera fitted to your vehicle. 
You can contact Adrian Flux for a quote on 0800 369 8950 or visit their website for an online quote:


 equity redstar

RoadHawk have been working very closely with Equity Red Star to put together a package that benefits fleets customers large and small.

Equity Red Star will provide up to a 10% discount on their fleet policies for companies that have a RoadHawk forward facing camera installed in their vehicles. In turn, we will offer a 10% discount on our cameras for any customers taking out a policy with Equity Red Star. Please contact your broker for further info and read the promotional flyer.

Administered by Equity Red Star Services Limited an appointed representative of Equity Syndicate Management Limited which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority. Equity Red Star Services Limited Registered office: Library House, New Road, Brentwood, Essex CM14 4GD. Registered in England and Wales No.2661753. Companies of Equity Insurance Group Limited.


 towergate fleet insurance

Towergate Insurance – Motor Division endorse RoadHawk DC-1 forward facing cameras offering discounts to clients looking to insure their fleet (1 - 5) vehicles.

Towergate’s experience in the motor trade means that they fully understand that some accidents are unavoidable. What professional drivers can now rely on is video footage which 1. Helps determine liability, 2. Helps to avoid escalation and fraudulent claims and 3. Means that claims can be handled more quickly.  These cameras have proven to be the indisputable witness in the case of an accident and that’s why Towergate Insurance sees them as your essential risk management tool. So much so, that Towergate Insurance are now offering the cameras as part of some insurance offers.

Call on 01952 298671, visit their website


venture insurance

 Graham White from Venture insurance is a big advocate of RoadHawk cameras. - "Motor Fleet insurance is one of our specialist areas; there is a world of difference between a simple insurance quote and you being rewarded for good fleet management; having invested in the cameras you should expect to see a reduction in the claims against you which can only lead to more competitive premiums in the future".

barry grainger insurance



Barry Grainger Ltd. are a specialist insurance broker offering many motor insurance solutions including Taxi insurance (Public Hire / Private Hire), Chauffeur insurance, HGV insurance, Driving School insurance, Japanese import insurance, Motorhome insurance. We also offer Fleet insurance for Taxi Fleets, Driving School Fleets, Van Fleets just to name a few. We search from a panel of over 30 major insurers to ensure we find you a competitive insurance policy with the right level of cover. As well as competitive motor insurance we can also arrange insurance cover for your business.




Insurance companies know that cutting the number and cost of accidents means lower premiums. Any insurer worth their salt will know that introducing initiatives such as RoadHawk drive cameras for clients will result in reduced claims costs - ultimately reducing the cost of insurance for policyholders. Proactive insurance companies may offer substantial discounts for companies that have it installed within their fleet.

Towergate Insurance, who have over 30 years experience in the haulage insurance industry, are offering a FREE RoadHawk DC-1 Camera with every truck insured*. Why not give them a call and find out what they can offer you? Call on 01952 298671, visit their website or see actual RoadHawk footage taken by a Towergate customer.

Offer applies to operators insuring 1 - 5 vehicles over 7.5T gross vehicle weight. Towergate Insurance Motor Division is a trading name of Towergate Underwriting Group Limited. Reigstered in England No. 4043759. Authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority.

The RoadHawk camera in car black box will give the exact time and location of any incident as well as displaying video footage of the view through the windscreen and the speed at which a vehicle was travelling. This makes RoadHawk an indisputable recorded witness in insurance claims, including any ‘Crash for Cash’ incidents.

The benefits of RoadHawk are further extended by analysing how your fleet is performing and keeping a track on your driver's performance.

"We can see exactly where are vehicles have been, how long it took them and how they got there. It's easier to use than a tachograph and provides much more information" - D.Driscoll, SW Fish Co.