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2J 542F Tax Disc Antenna


A covert, flexible, Tax disc aerial antenna.

This self adhesive antenna simply attaches to your car windscreen and replaces you current tax disc holder greatly improving your mobile phone signal quality.

Note: as the antenna transmits through glass this is not suitable for vehicles with heat reflective glass or metal heating elements in the windscreen.

2J 542F Tax Disc Antenna Specification

FREQUENCY AMPS 824-894MHz / GSM 900 MHz / UMTS 2.1 GHz / BLUETOOTH 2.4 GHz / PCN 1800 MHz / DCS 1900 MHz / DCS

Mounting ON GLASS
Impedance 50 Ohms
Polarization VERTICAL
Gain 2.2dBi
VSWR <2:1
Power handling 35W
Cable RG174
Cable length 2.5m
Connector FME Female
Housing size 110mm x 72.3mm
Operating temperature -40Cto +85C

  • Model: 2J542F