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Cti AG2505M Bumper Mount Antenna


A covert, flexible, Bumper mount antenna.

This self adhesive antenna attaches to the inside of your cars bumper, greatly improving your mobile phone signal quality.

Cable length 5 meters.

Cti AG2505M Bumper Mount Antenna Specification

• Application GSM / Bluetooth
• Description Wide Band
• Nominal Impedance 50 Ohms
• Frequency 750MHz to 2.4GHz
• Power Consumption -
• Polarisation Vertical
• Gain 2.3 dBi
• VSWR <2:1
• Power Handling 35W
• Cable Type RG58
• Std. Cable Length 3.0m
• Std. Connector FME (f)

  • Model: AG250/5M