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RoadHawk HD-2 SuperHD GPS Dash Cam


RoadHawk HD-2 SuperHD GPS Dash Cam

Say hello to the pinnacle of dash cam technology. Day or night, sun or showers, the RoadHawk HD-2 will act as your reliable witness in the event of a crash that wasn’t your fault.

Supreme quality video footage, unrivalled night vision technology and built-in GPS mean you can provide detailed, irrefutable evidence to insurers or police.

Clear and reliable video

Our advanced video technology means your footage is free from sun glare, protected from vibrations within your vehicle and crystal clear in low light conditions. The RoadHawk HD-2 produces some of the best quality footage on the market, recording at various high resolutions including SuperHD (2304x1296p) and 1080p at 60fps.

Speed-up insurance claims

In the event of a crash, the more evidence you can submit, the quicker your claim can be processed. That is why the RoadHawk HD-2 records time and date-stamped footage, your vehicle’s precise location, and G-force data.

Easily access evidence

All of your files are easily accessed through our easy-to-use software. Simply download the RoadHawk software to your PC or Mac and you’re ready to view and download your footage or make quick changes to the camera’s settings.

No lost footage

The RoadHawk HD-2 records on a loop, meaning your SD card will never be too full. The camera automatically saves ‘event’ files when an impact is jolt is detected which are saved separately to prevent being overwritten. Alternatively, events can be created by pressing a button on the device.


Resolution: Up to 2304 x 1296p (SuperHD)
Viewing Angle: 125 degrees
Storage: Includes 16BG SDHC memory card. Compatible up to 256GB.
Time and date stamp
G-Force sensor
High Dynamic Range
De-warp technology
Electronic Image Stabilisation

What's in the box?

1 x RoadHawk HD-2 1080p Dash Cam
1 x 16GB Class 10 SD Card
1 x Accessory socket power cable
1 x Short windscreen mount
1 x Adjustable windscreen mount (For steep screens)
1 x Long arm windscreen mount (For vertical screens)
1 x User manual
1 x Card reader
5 x Windscreen clips

The RoadHawk HD-2 comes with a 16GB SDHC memory card and is capable of using up to 256GB SDXC memory cards.

Full Spec

Product Name RoadHawk HD-2 SuperHD GPS Dash Cam
Date & Time Stamp Yes
Memory Card Included 16GB SD Card
Maximum Memory Compatibility 256GB SD Card
Resolution 304p x 1296p (30fps) / 1080p (60fps) / 720p (60fps)
Vehicle Suitability Car / LCV / HGV
Insurance Approved Yes
Software Compatibility PC / MAC
Power Cable (12v Aux) Included
Electronic Image Stabilisation Yes
Event Button Yes
Eligible for Evidence Yes
Field of View 125°
GPS/Mapping Yes
External GPS Antenna Optional
G-Force Sensor 10Hz
File Format .mp4
Microphone Built-In (with external option)
Mount Included Short windscreen mount, adjustable windscreen mount & long arm windscreen mount
Loop/Continuous Recording Yes
Low Light Sensor HDR
Remote Event Button Optional
Remote Event & Alarm Optional (with compatible telematics system)


RoadHawk Dash Cam Video

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  • Model: HD-2

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