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Flip Quad


The British plug has always been bulky and limited to the one basic function of powering one device. Oneadaptr have taken the British plug on a diet! Taking it down to just 18mm thick, a slimline and modern design has made this easily portable plug the ideal charging device for anyone looking to charge via USB on the go.
Doubling the amount of outputs as the DUO, the QUAD model is the middle product of the Flip range. Charging up to four devices simultaneously and still having a compact sleek design, the QUAD is the ultimate portable plug. It manages to maintain the signature smart compact design whilst being the perfect product to slip in your pocket taking anywhere so you never have issues charging multiple devices again.
The simple push release mechanism opens the flip exposing the 3 pin UK plug ready to charge four devices with its 4 ports totaling 5.0A. This can then be easily folded back down retracting the pins completely avoiding any damage being made to other appliances.
  • Four USB Chargers
  • Max 5.0A High Output
  • Auto Release
  • 18mm Thin
  • Protective Covers Keep Metal Pins from Damaging Other Devices


  • Model: PA-FPP-4WH

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