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Steel-Mate Front and Rear Parking Sensors


Steel-Mate 4 Front and Rear Sensor Kit

4 Sensor Front and 4 sensonr Rear Kit With Buzzers. The system can be programmed to ignore tow bars, nudge bars or spare wheels. The system is compatible with our visual display types listed in related products below. Can be used as a 2 Sensor front system if required. The sensor hole size is 18.8mm in diameter. The visible external diameter of the sensor head is 22.9mm with a depth of 20.1mm and they have detachable cables and 4 and 10 degree angle of tilt in the box.

If you wish to install this kit on the front of a vehicle, a set of sensor extension cables are included

Main Features:

8 x 58K sensors for better coverage and excellent stability
5-stage audible warning buzzers with adjustable tone pitch and volume
Option of adding a visual display
Extendable stopping distance from 30cm to 50cm, ideal for vehicles with tow bars or rear
mounted spare wheels and steps
Heavy rain proof design
All weather design (-40C>+80C)
Anti-false alarm patent
Easy installation

Technical Parameters:

Voltage: 12/24V
Temperature: -40>+80C
Input: <4W
Beep volume: 70>90dB
Range (Rear): 0.3>1.5m
Range (Front): 0.3>1.0m


For Front and rear sensors 2 Dual Purpose kits are supplied along with Front Extension Cables for the sensors, simply switch 1 kit onto Front mode and the other kit goes on to Rear mode for simple installation

  • Model: 2x pts400ex-DP + 1x DPcable

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