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EA5820 Reversing Alarm Wire-Terminal 82db WHITE-NOISE


Vision Alert / Ecco Provides a solution to possible noise pollution by back up alarms in densely populated or confined work areas. It maintains a safe warning signal for those in the danger zone of reversing vehicles while minimising disturbance to work site neighbours.

This multi frequency alarm operates by emitting sound at multiple frequencies attenuated above 4000 Hz so the sound is perceived to dissipate more quickly than a conventional pure tone alarm. Meets SAE J994 Type C for pressure washing requirements.

Voltage: 12/24v
Fitting: Universal Mounting Bracket
Temperature Range: -40C - +85C
Volume: 82db
Current: 0.34A
Connection: 276mm Lead Wire
Dimensions: 102mm Wide with bracket, 41mm Deep

  • Model: EA5820