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Parrot CK3000 Evolution Bluetooth Hands Free Car Kit


Our price includes a vehicle specific wiring harness worth 13.95! which all Parrot kits require when being installed This harness adapts the ISO connector on the Parrot kit to your vehicles individual wiring harness. Simply place your order and we'll check your vehicle details with you and send out the correct wiring harness with your Parrot Bluetooth kit

Simple, Functional & Stylish with Optional Nationwide Installation service from the UK's largest installation company & Parrot distributor.

The Parrot CK 3000 Evolution Hands-free Car Kit offers convenient hands-free communication while in a vehicle.

It works wirelessly using Bluetooth wireless technology providing compatibility with a broad range of mobile phones.

Featuring a simple dash mounted button, this hands-free kit is simple to use and small enough to install onto any vehicles dashboard. The single button supplied allows you to answer calls and dial numbers using voice activated dialling (where supported by the mobile phone). The buttons either side of the central button also allows you to control the call volume.

The Parrot CK 3000 Evolution is supplied with a universal ISO radio mute to mute your vehicles audio system when a call is received and direct the call through the vehicles speakers. If your vehicle does not have ISO connections you will require an ISO2CAR (SOT) lead to connect the CK 3000 Evolution to your existing wiring harness. (Please refer to the ISO2CAR section or call for further information).

Parrot CK3000 Evolution Hands Free Car Kit Specification

Works with all Bluetooth phones
Voice recognition dialler
Uses the car speakers
Easy to install and to use
Discreet and elegant design
Voice menu
Languages available: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, Chinese, Russian, Czech.
Voice recognition dialing
Redial function
Auto connect on incoming call
Volume control Multi-user, pairing up to three phones
Headset Profile Handsfree 0.96 Profile
Handsfree 1.0 Profile
Phonebook Synchronization Profile
Object push

Applicable for some phones, please contact technical support for more information

  • Model: CK3000

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