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THB Bury System 8 Take&Talk 3XL Universal Bluetooth Premium Smart Phone Cradle


NEW XXXL Bury System 8 Cradle

Bury Take&Talk Universal Bluetooth Premium Cradle for Smart Phones Including a Micro USB Charging Lead

The new XXL universal cradle on offer from BURY combines the flexibility of the UNI System 8 with all the advantages of Bluetooth technology. A wide range of smartphones can be used with this adaptable connection set.

The Take&Talk universal can be turned by 90 in both directions so you can use smartphone apps with a horizontal angle of view. In addition to an antenna connector to further improve reception, the cradle also has Multipoint. The Bury system 8 was the first car kit to feature interchangeable cradles and boasts a large range of cradles compatible with over 280 mobile phones from all the leading handset manufacturers.

Bury System 8 Take&Talk cradles provide all the features you would expect of a genuine car kit including Auto Muting and Audio Integration (vehicle & installation level permitting).

The Bury universal car kit gives you the convenience to interchange the cradle for your handset simply and easily, at the touch of a button and without the need for an engineer.

The system 8 Take&Talk cradles are perfect when you have more than one mobile phone or multiple users of a vehicle while also enabling you to upgrade your handset by simply changing the cradle at the fraction of the cost of installing another hands-free car kit.

All Take&Talk cradles must be used in conjunction with a Bury System 8 Base Unit.

Size Guide

Minimum Length - 128mm - Maximum Length - 165mm
Minimum Width - 56mm - Maximum Width - 90mm
Depth: 8mm > 20mm

THB Bury Universal System 8 Take & Talk Smart Phone Cradle iPhone 5 / Samsung - YouTube

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  • Model: 0-02-28-0340-0

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