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THB Bury Active Cradle System 9 Base Unit


Bury Active Cradle 9 Base unit to be used with optional Bury Active Cradle 9 sold seperately

The System 9 base unit is the professional accessory for all Bluetooth hands-free car kits which do not independently support the use of an external antenna or the charging function of your mobile phones battery.

When used with a compatible cradle (sold separately) the System 9 allows your mobile phone to be held safely and securely keeping you within the law.

The components of the System 9 are designed for Bluetooth hands-free car kits of all manufacturers, including OEM equipment fitted by vehicle manufacturers.

The hang-up cup (Base Plate) and the holder (Active Cradle) are the two main parts of this system.

Thanks to Burys patented snap-in mounting, the two of them can be quickly connected and changed or upgraded as required. The Active Cradles allow a comfortable and secure placement of mobile phones and provide unlimited talk time, thanks to the integrated battery charging technology.

By using the external antenna with the Base Plate, the mobile phones signal strength and reception quality can be noticeably improved while driving.

The components of System 9 therefore eliminate the typical weak points that arise when using hands-free car kits with Bluetooth technology.

Bury Active Cradle 9 Base Unit Specification

Compatible with Bury System 9 cradles

Base Unit only. Please select the Bury Active System 9 Cradle (Sold Separately) for a full kit

Professional installation is recommended with this product.

  • Model: V0-07-22-0001-0

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