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THB Bury UNI CarTalk System 8 Base Unit including loudspeaker


Base unit only, see Bury Cradles for compatible mobile phone cradles to complete your handsfree car kit.

Bury, the market leader in the field of fixed hands-free devices, now introduces an innovative and extremely flexible product range.

The UNI System 8 series is the ideal answer to the individual needs of drivers requiring a high quality mobile communication system for the car, regardless of whether travelling for professional or private reasons.

With its impressive voice and audio quality when making hands-free phone calls in the car, CarTalk cannot fail to impress even the most sophisticated of users. However, that's not all it has to offer, as it is fully integrated into the comprehensive UNI System 8 from Bury.

All phone specific Take&Talk cradles for this system can be easily docked into the fixed base set of the CarTalk.

The key to the universal UNI System 8 is the Take&Talk cradle. The Take&Talk cradles can be installed for the Bury UNI System 8 without either wires or tools in a matter of seconds, with just a few flicks of the wrist. When docking, all the necessary connections are carefully and safely made between the hands-free kit and the Take&Talk cradle.

As a result of the great flexibility of the UNI System 8, there are numerous advantages for the user, for example, customized cradles for all leading makes of mobile phone and the system can be continuously expanded. In addition, several mobile phones can be used in the same Take&Talk Holder cradle. This helps to save costs.

UNI System 8 also proves just as simple to use and low-cost when several employees with different mobile phones are sharing a car. For each mobile phone, all that is needed is the appropriate Take&Talk cradle that, before commencing the journey, can be quickly and safely docked to the hands-free device.

New cradles can be purchased as your mobile phone is updated and simply clicked into the docking station, removing the need for a costly de & re installation of a complete new hands-free car kit.

Bury Take&Talk cradles sold Separately (See Bury Cradles)

Bury UNI CarTalk Base Unit Specification

Connection of hang-up cup via Molex Micro-Fit plug
For more than 250 mobile phones from leading manufacturers
No tools needed to replace the connecting unit
Supports connections to laptops or PDAs via DATA adapter USB
Perfect voice output thanks to use of vehicle sound system
Excellent transmission and reception quality thanks to external antenna
Radio-mute function when calling

  • Model: 1-44-0100-06

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