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Accel Voyager Truckfone GSM 3G Fixed Car Phone

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VOYAGER™ – the Ultimate Connected Vehicle Smartphone

VOYAGER™ is the world’s first integrated and dedicated 3G smartphone for personal and commercial vehicles, vans, trucks and fleets. Offering a wide range of intelligent features, VOYAGER provides crystal-clear in-vehicle voice calls and a wide variety of Android-based automotive applications and multi-media content to keep drivers connected and able to navigate to their destination easily and efficiently.

VOYAGER™ seamlessly integrates hands-free voice dialling, GPS navigation, an easy to use and ergonomically-designed large physical keypad, a 3.5 inch colour touchscreen, in-vehicle audio system connectivity and supports a wide range of smart and powerful applications.

VOYAGER™ was developed specifically for use within vehicles, vans and trucks. It was designed with a number of special features for operating a cellular connected vehicle device, with an emphasis on audio quality and easy operation as well as dialling capabilities via the physical keyboard and touchscreen. Drivers that have smartphones can connect VOYAGER™ to their personal calendar and contacts, accessing all of their personal data from their VOYAGER™ smartphone. They can also complete various tasks using voice commands or one-touch gestures on the screen or keypad.

VOYAGER™’s 3G RF and GPS antennas give drivers better coverage and clearer signals. VOYAGER™ connects to the vehicle’s battery so it is always charged and ready to go. Proper installation by Accel Telecom certified professional installers will ensure a productive and connected driving experience.

VOYAGER™’s vast array of features include: background noise reduction and echo cancellation, extreme temperature tolerance, optional Fleet Management Systems, BT SIM Access, optional Push To Talk systems and over the air Mobile Device Management (MDM) software capabilities.

With a full range of highly advanced smartphone features cleverly adapted for the automotive environment, VOYAGER™ gives you the ultimate connected vehicle smartphone experience.

VOYAGER™ – the Ultimate Connected Vehicle Smartphone – provides you with a productive and superior connected vehicle experience. Easily installed in any vehicle — with 3G RF and GPS antennas, microphone and speaker — VOYAGER™ uses Android smartphone technologies to create the first, standalone, 3G Connected Vehicle Smartphone experience.

Use your existing phone number with a twin-SIM or via the BT SIM Access feature, or use a dedicated SIM for vehicle identification. VOYAGER™ is designed to enhance productive driving with hands-free dialling, large dedicated buttons, crystal clear, echo free sound quality and an in-vehicle 3G-WiFi Hotspot connection among its many intuitive features.


UMTS 850/2100 Mhz Or
UMTS 900/2100 Mhz
GSM Quad Band
Qualcomm MSM7227A chipset


Bluetooth 4.0
Wifi 802.11b/g/n
HSUPA (DL 7.2Mbps / UL 5.76Mbps)
RS232 & RS485 serial ports
AUX out for car stereo system
OBDII connectivity (via BT or RS232)


Large with unigue design for easy use
12 Numeric keys
Send / End keys
4 touch buttons (on bottom of TP)
5-way navigation key
GPS key
Voice dialing key
One-Touch access to voicemail
One-Touch SOS call
Volume keys


600MB User memory
Up to 32GB MicroSD support
Android ICS (4.0)
Exchange and Google Contacts + Calendar sync
Unique designed UI for easy use in car enviroment
Automatic Backlight
On-board standard USB port
for charging mobile phones


Echo Free, Loud & Clear hands free calls
External microphone and speaker
Temperature resistant display
Voice Dialing


115.5 X 66.6 X 18 mm


3.5” LCD
TFT Color display
16M colors
Temperature resistant display
Temperature resistant capacitive touch screen
320 X 480 pixels
Large fonts


  • Model: Truckfone Voyager

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