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Kit C


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Kit C contains

Free Chameleon Travel Bag! Emergency Safety Hammer
Eurolite Headlamp Beam Converters
Alcohol Breathalyser
2x High Visibility Vests
Warning Triangle
GB Sticker
Bulb Kit


Eurolite Headlamp Beam Converters:
Driving on the left-hand side of the road means that UK headlamps are not designed to be used when driving on the right. Oncoming traffic, when travelling through Europe, may be dazzled by your headlamps because of this. As such, Eurolites are individual, easily fitted reflectors that make your headlamps road legal throughout your travels.

Alcohol Breathalyser:
As of March 2013, NF Approved breathalysers must be carried by all vehicles travelling in France.
This is a twin pack of alcohol testing breathalysers. This allows you to drive, knowing that you will be safe on the roads.

2x High Visibility Vests:
Designed to keep you visible to drivers at night or in low lighting conditions, a high visibility vest will help protect the person wearing it.

Warning Triangle:
You may never know when an incident could happen. If something does, you'll need a warning triangle to keep other drivers notified of a hazard's presence at night. Warning triangles should be placed an appropriate distance from the hazard to allow other drivers to safely stop, or avoid it.
It is recommended that in Spain, two triangles be used to give warnings to both directions of traffic.
Hazard warning light lights alone are NOT sufficient, especially if the vehicle is immobilised on a bend or dip in the road, or has a flat battery.

GB Sticker:
When driving in a foreign country, it is an International requirement to display an identity plate showing the vehicle's true country of origin. The standard kit comes with the black and white sticker shown.
If you would like to swap to a magnetic version or a blue Euro sticker, please let us know at or call us on 01206 500 848

Bulb Kit:
Don't get caught with a faulty light. Carry a spare bulb kit and be able to quickly resolve the problem. If caught with a faulty light, a Spot Fine will be issued.

The table below shows which items are required and/or recommended for travel in specific European countries.

  • Model: B-Travelkit-C + TCG-Safetyhammer

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