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IC360 Universal Number Plate Reversing Camera EU Licence Plate


IC360 Universal Repalcement Number Plate Reversing Camera

IC360 brings you the latest in design in camera technology with this Replacement Number Plate Reversing Camera. Ideal for reversing with a wide angle 120 degree lens  

Please ensure the size of the unit fits your vehicle 


Title Value
Mount Type Replacement Number Plate Holder
- Fits Most Vehicles
Image Sensor 1/4 SHARP CCD
Mirror Image YES
Viewing Angle             170 Degree
TV System PAL
Night Vision YES
Min Illumination <1.0Lux / F1.2,
Resolution 510*582
Colour YES
TV Lines 420
Connection type     RCA / Phono Connection
Power Supply DC12V, Max I =300 ma
IP rating IP68
Operating temp -20~+60C
Dimensions 540mm x 27mm x 120mm
Outputs 1x video out


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  • Model: Cam-040

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