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IC360 4.3" Rear View Monitor Volkswagen Crafter


IC360 4.3" Rear View Monitor For VW Crafter

The Ic360 Full Colour 4.3" Replacement Rear View Mirror Monitor is perfect for ensuring the best view possible is available when you are reversing. The monitor can easily be connected to any Pal or NTSC operating Camera and the unit comes with a replacement windscreen connector for the Volkswagen Crafter


Title Value
Screen Size 4.3" Digital Screen
Resolution 480 RGB (H)*234(V)
Video Inputs 2 x video input, 1 x trigger RCA
Brightness 250 cd/mē  250:1
Operation Temp -20~70 degree
Working Voltage DC12V
Feature With reverse polarity protection
Dimensions (L)27*(W)3*(T)*9 mm
Warranty 12 Months

  • Model: M4212-CUST + MMb-3

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