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86291 Ford Transit 24 Pin 2010 Lead


ISO2CAR cable, Ford Fiesta and others. 2010,

24 pins, for hands-free mounting ISO2CAR, item number 86291 , is used to connect a car kit for hands-free mounting to the car's original radio connector. This part number is used for Ford Fiesta and others. cars from 2010. KRAM Telecom recommends that you always use the link on this page and open our Complete Cable List to see which solution fits exactly to the specific car. Pay particular attention to the car's sound system. Also read the instructions that came with the correct cable.

The ISO2CAR program offers a wide range of car-specific solutions, avoiding cutting into the car's cables. On some car models, it is necessary to manually connect the ignition current / terminal 15. An ISO2CAR cable ensures that the car kit's ISO cable is connected to the car's cord type and is therefore only suitable for carkits where the ISO cable is included.

With the use of an ISO2CAR cable with a handsfree assembly, you get the powered carkit at once and connect the car speakers with the car kit. When you receive a call, the car kit will automatically mute, ie. Temporarily interrupt the radio and the call will be heard over the car's two front speakers. After the end of the conversation the radio will continue playing.

The ISO2CAR cable program was developed by and produced for KRAM Telecom and included in our series of hands-free assembly solutions. KRAM Telecom has since 1998 developed and produced solutions for hands-free mounting of carkits. Over the years, the products have been sold in over 50 countries worldwide, often in cooperation with the car kit manufacturers.

  • Model: 86291