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84592 Audio2Car Premium Mazda CX-7 2006- With Bose


Add Bury CC9060 Music Adaptor

84592 Audio2Car Premium Mazda CX-7 2006- With Bose AUDIO2CAR leads are designed to allow the installation of handsfree music kits such as the Parrot MKI range, Motorola TK30 & Bury 9060 Music*. The vehicle Specific AUDIO2CAR lead allows the installer to quickly and simply fit the handsfree music kit without the need for cutting & soldering any wire connections. 

The main advantage over an ISO2CAR lead is there are fewer plugs so if room is limited behind your stereo this would be easier to fit. Also AUDIO2CAR leads are available for some vehicles with an amplified stereo system. *Please note the Bury 9060 Music requires an AA048 adaptor

  • Model: 84592

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