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AE5 Extension Lead


AE5 Extension Cable for running ISO2Car or SOT lead to the boot 5m

Use this extention lead when you want to run an ISO2Car SOT lead to boot of the car. Primarily for the fitting of a Parrot MKi series Bluetooth car kits.

Check the compatibility tab if supported with your vehicle make, model, year and OEM radio.

System Operation - The AE5 ISO2Car extn lead is designed to plug onto the end of the ISO leads supplied with your Parrot Bluetooth, THB BURY or Nokia car kit. Use with an ISO2Car to extend the lead so you can reach to the boot of your car.

The ISO2Car lead is compatible with the following hands free kits: Parrot MKi9000, MKi9100, MKi9200 bluetooth car kits.

Key Features

Cuts out the car radio - Use in conjunction with an ISO2Car or SOT lead
Routes the telephone conversation through the car speakers
No damage to car wiring - simple plug n play operation
Does not invalidate car warranty.

  • Model: AE5 Kram

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