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Premium Motor-home Cover 32-35ft - 7 x zips for easy access, 4 air vents, 160gsm

Sale: £295.00
Save: £50.00

420"(L) x 105"(W) x 108"(H)
1067cm(L) x 267cm(W) x 274cm(H)

The Professional Class C ICover is built to High-Quality Standards and has Thickness rating of 160gsm on top and 100gsm on the 4 sides.

The all year protection cover that is fully waterproof. This cover offers great protection for all seasons.

Designed to protect against Rain, Snow, Dust, Moisture and UV Radiation.

Supplied in Grey.


3 Zippers on Right Panel
2 Zippers on Both rear and left panels
2 Safety straps on Front
2 Safety straps on Rear
Reflectors on top safety belts
4 Safety straps cross under the vehicle
2 Air Vents on each side
4 Layer Protection
Elasticated Hem
Supplied with Storage Bag

Compatible with Class C Motorhomes / RVs

  • Model: TCG-ICoverClassC32to35

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