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Car Boot Liner for Dogs Non-Slip Quilted Material - With Extra Long Bumper Protector


- Universal Fit

- Zipped Corners

- Storage Pockets

- Velcro Side Supports

- Waterproof

Made from soft, waterproof and anti-slip materials, our pet seat cover will facilitate your dog's needs.
600 Denier Oxford Fabric is known for its durability and waterproof abilities used in our pet car boot liners.

Turn your daily drives with your dog into a comfortable, mess-free commute.
Protect your car from scratches, dirt, hair and mud that your dog keeps introducing to your expensive interior.
Safe, comfortable and convenient travel for your furry friend.

Made from fully waterproof 600 Denier Oxford Fabric with the addition of anti-slip PVC coating.

Plus, the zipped corners provide an easy setup and installation into your car's boot.
Ideal for small and large dog breeds, our dog boot liner comes with anti-slip backing and is guaranteed to keep your car's interior immaculately clean!
Not to mention how easy it is to clean with a cloth and some water.