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Small Caravan Cover Grey 14-17ft 4 Ply, 4 zips, Water resistant, Breathable


522cm x 225cm x 222cm

The Professional Caravan ICover is built to High-Quality Standards and has a Thickness rating of 150gsm.

The all year protection cover that is water resistant and breathable. This cover offers great protection for all seasons.

Designed to protect against Rain, Snow, Dust, Moisture and UV Radiation.

- 4 Zippers for easy fitting and use
- Webbing loop with click buckles both sides to secure rolled up material
- Reflectors on the front for visibility
- 5 Extra strong double stitched adjustable Safety straps to tighten the material when fitted
- 4 Layer Protection
- Elasticated Hem
- Supplied with carrying bag for storage


Which size caravan cover will fit my caravan?
To find the correct sized cover for your specific caravan, please measure the body length excluding the a-frame at the front.

Can I gain access to my caravan with the cover fitted?
Yes, full access to the caravan door can be used whilst the cover is fitted. Simply unzip and unbuckle the lashing straps which have a fast release mechanism and roll up the side of the cover.

Will a cover scratch my windows?
In short, No. Many older style covers were made from very basic tarpaulin materials which could leave hazing and blotches. All the covers available through our website , ebay and amazon are made of high quality polypropylene with soft inner layers which negates the problem of any marks being left on the windows.

Are your covers breathable?
All the covers sold through our website ebay and amazon are waterproof and breathable It is essential that the cover you purchase is breathable to allow moisture to evaporate from within the cover which prevents condensation forming.

Will a cover fit over my aerial?
This depends on the type of aerial you have fitted to your caravan. If you have a domed aerial without a spike, the cover will fit directly over without any alterations needing to be made. However, if you have an aerial with a spike, extra precaution will need to be made. In most cases, the spike will unscrew from the aerial and thus will allow you to fit the cover directly over. If however, the spike cannot be unscrewed, it is advised that the spike is covered before fitting. This can be done in a number of ways, one of the most simple is to place a tennis ball which has a hole cut out which fits directly onto the spike. Alternatively, a small pot or bucket can be placed over the spike.

Which colour of cover is best?
Some people say that grey is the better cover as it helps reflect the heat from the sun. Our most popular colour is green as it is a more natural colour which blends into the environment. In our opinion, the colour choice is entirely down to your preference and the small benefits of choosing grey over green are hardly noticeable.

Do your products come with a warranty?
Yes, a 2 year warranty.

  • Model: B-TCG-ICoverCaravanGreyS+Hitch

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